• ✓ organic
  • ✓ vegan
  • ✓ gluten free
  • ✓ low carb

Organic, Gluten-Free, Low-Carb and Vegan pastas made of beans only

  • ✓ organic
  • ✓ vegan & vegetarian
  • ✓ durum wheat
  • ✓ delicious

An easy to make, healthy and delicious meal is now possible!

  • ✓ organic
  • ✓ vegan
  • ✓ gluten free
  • ✓ source of energy

Sweet potato and Rice noodles for a healthy gluten-free meal

don’t feel guilty anymore when eating pasta

Our range is made of organic products, offering a much better nutritional value when compared to regular wheat pasta due to its high nutritional content.

HIGH quality products full of nutrients

Now you can have your favourite food guiltless with the added benefits to your health and a great subtle taste that fits perfectly with any sauce or preparation.

live a healthy life without getting bored of options

We are commited to support your journey to a healthy lifestyle by bringing organic food for councious eating with no empty calories and gmo-free.

Where to buy

You can find our product range in IGA’s,
Flannerys and small health food shops,
or you can order online through the link below:

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frequently asked questions

how can the bean pasta range have such a great nutritional content?

Our bean pastas are made of beans only, with no additives, wheat flours or any other ingredient added. This is why it can have such a great nutritional profile.

what is durum wheat and why is it used in the fresh pastas range?

Durum Wheat is a variety naturally originated thousands of years ago with higher protein content and firmer texture when compared to regular wheat.

what type of carbohydrates is stated on the packaging?

In Australia, FSANZ indicates to use the available carbohydrates on the nutritional panel, this means, the total carbohydrates less the fibre content.

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